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Once you have taken the steps to become an authorized installer / provider, you should attend one full day of training. You are welcome to bring your fellow team members. No experience is required!

Training is held at SlipDoctors' corporate office located in Carrollton, Texas, and includes information about SlipDoctors' history, industry overview, product information, upcoming products, sales training and installation training. Space is limited each month.

Call us today to reserve your spot! Our training class will give you the confidence to start selling and installing our products right away! We are the only company certified by American Slip Meter to conduct training on their machine.

Online Training:

We are pleased to offer online training course! This is offered to all SlipDoctors Providers and can be viewed online anytime. Contact us for more information.

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    Listen to Solution Providers across the nation share their experiences with SlipDoctors.

    Bruce Bauer

    "When I looked at SlipDoctors, it met all the requirements I have for a business."

    David Erling

    "The best thing is being here and playing with all the product."

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