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What is Slip Testing and why is it Important?

SlipDoctors Providers join a network of authorized Slip Testers across the globe who can conduct testing per many ANSI / ASTM standards. We will train you how to use the equipment of choice for your customer needs. Let us explain the difference!

We can provide extensive field testing using both the ASM 825A or BOT-3000E depending on the eqipment of choice. Each test is easy to perform and valuable for your customer to demonstrate before and after results.

Yes our training can be done within 1 day around your schedule.

DCOF Slip Testing on site starting at $1,500
SCOF Slip Testing on site starting at $500
Walkway Audits starting at $2,000

How much can I charge my customer for slip testing?

Our providers charge $200 for a SCOF or $1500 for DCOF testing. Slip Testing is much more involved than using the equipment. SlipDoctors is the only company who is authorized and trained with the leading manufacturers of these devices. SlipDoctors is also highly recommended by tile and tub manufacturers.

Did you know SlipDoctors is chairman of B101.4 committee? Did you know we have been testing for over 10 years? Let us help you start-up your floor safety business.

Want to lear more about slip testing as a service? Have a call with us today.

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